Firearms Training for Civilians and Law Enforcement

Combined Firearms Course in Poland

Safe Firearms Training for Complete Beginners. Start your journey with us and progress from basic to very advanced tactical skills. 

Combined Firearms Courses are designed to teach you safety manipulation of a major weapon system such as Glock Pistol, AR15/M4 Carbine as well as classic AK47 Kalashnikov including its modern tactical versions. Combined Firearms Courses are divided into 3 sections depends on the level. 1. CFC BASIC - you'll learn the basics and progress to shooting in the move, different positions and mag changes. Fixing malfunctions will also be covered. 2. CFC Advanced where you start working more dynamic including alternative shooting positions, working in pairs and cover vehicle tactics. 3. CFC Scenarios - these advanced courses is designed to put you through different scenarios where we'll test your weapon manipulation skills, teamwork, correct decision-making skills. Some of the CFC courses also include Force To Force FX Simunition Training - check the course description. 



We have 3 Options of Combined Firearms Courses for you. 

1. Combined Firearms Course BASIC

2. Combined Firearms Course ADVANCED

3. Combined Firearms Courses SCENARIOS


Full BZ Academy Courses Schedule is Available here:

Krav Maga Urban Extreme PISTOL   26-28 April 2019  POLAND PRICE £600/700EURO BOOK HERE

Combined Firearms BASIC                   17 - 19 May 2019 POLAND PRICE £700/790EURO BOOK HERE

Krav Maga Urban Extreme - Public Transport     5 - 7 July 2019     POLAND PRICE £700/800EURO BOOK HERE

Combined Firearms BASIC                  6 - 8 Sep   2019 POLAND PRICE £700/790EURO BOOK HERE

KMUE  Active Shooter               20 - 22 September 2019 POLAND PRICE £650/750EURO BOOK HERE

Combined Firearms ADVANCED 18 - 20 October 2019  POLAND PRICE £750/850EURO BOOK HERE



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