Krav Maga Urban Extreme ACTIVE SHOOTER

Krav Maga Urban Extreme Active Shooter Course

Krav Maga Urban Extreme ACTIVE SHOOTER 3 Days Course at BZ Tactical Academy


The course is designed to develop an understanding of rifle disarm techniques with the use of FX converted  AR15 and learning defensive shooting with real live ammo. Participants will learn how to disarm the attacker and how to bring the rifle in operational condition to use as a future self-defense tool. Drills with gun disarm techniques will be taught on FX Simunition designated Glocks and AR15 (available only for law enforcement and military units) with use of protective equipment. Active shooter scenario will be covered in details. 

3 Days PRICE £650 or 750 Euro

SKILL PREREQUISITES: Krav Maga Urban Extreme or Tactical Pistol/Carbine and 2 years of Krav Maga training experience. 

Krav Maga Urban Extreme ACTIVE SHOOTER  3 Days course dates available below :

Krav Maga Urban Extreme  ACTIVE SHOOTER: 20 - 22 September 2019


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Topics to be covered on Krav Maga Urban Extreme ACTIVE SHOOTER

1.       Registration and de-briefing

2.       The theory about gun disarm and firearms mechanism.

3.       Krav Maga rifle disarms the basics

4.       Disarming rifle from the static front, side, and rear position

5.       Pressure drills with gun disarm. Sub Machine takedowns techniques

6.       Disarming assailant with FX AR15 (attacker tries to shoot when seeing movement)

7.       Working under stress and tiredness with rifle disarm techniques.

8.       CQB drills in KILL HOUSE

9.       Rifle fundamentals dry drills

10.      Shooting fundamentals (stance/trigger work/breathing/sight picture/sight alignment/ follow through)

11.       Multiple shoots / Multiple targets

12.       Dealing with rifle malfunctions (stow pipe/failure to feed-out of battery/misfire/double feed/mag out)

13.       Multiple targets rifle fast engagements

14.       Taking an Active Shooter down quietly.

15.       Double tap and reset work with a rifle 

16.       Battle pick up and dealing with malfunction.

17.       Shooting after fights and defending opponent.

18.       Shooting when tired under stressful conditions.

19.       Scenarios with gun disarm and use of force

20.       Simulations in an urban environment with FX Simunition.

21.       Dealing with multiple attackers (armed and unarmed)

21.     Taking down armed attackers quiet techniques with the use of knife and rope

22.       Advanced drills and scenarios with gun disarm. CQB, 

23.       Active Shooter takedowns drills. How to set up an ambush. 

24.      FULL ACTIVE SHOOTER SCENARIO with multiple active shooters. 

25.       De-Briefing and certification.  





Krav Maga Urban Extreme Course Info  :

WEAPONS: AKMS/AKM and AR15 plus FX Glocks/APC

METHODS: Extensive range time and krav maga training

AMMUNITION: 200 x 7.62mm + 30 x 5.56mm FX + 20 x FX 9mm

SKILL PREREQUISITES: Krav Maga Urban Extreme or Tactical Pistol/Carbine and 2 years of Krav Maga training experience. 

Training gear to be taken: Combat trousers with tactical belt, MMA Gloves, Groin Guard, Gloves (tactical)

We supply :

All the training equipment / holsters / slings / mag pouches /firearms / ammo 


What's included in the course price? 

  • Accommodation - you arrive one day before the course and leave the same day when the course finishes in the evening.

  • Food - Full board

  • Airport Transfers

  • Range transfers from/to hotel

  • Ammunition

  • Firearms hire

  • Training equipment

  • BZ Team Tshirt and Patch

  • Certification

You can relax - we got everything covered!


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