Concealed Carry Weapon CCW

Concealed carry Course schedule:

  •   Briefing about the course and introduction

  •  We'll cover different gear and clothing set up for concealed carry.

  • We'll discuss safety concerns practices while carrying concealed. 

  •  We'll help you how to select concealed carry equipment that will suit you and your needs. 

  • You'll learn proper drawing and presentation from various concealed carry positions. 

  • We'll cover close proximity shooting techniques for violent encounters

  • You'll learn how to operate one hand when it comes to drawing from concealed carry

  • You'll practice correct target identification and engagements. 

  • You'll practice multiple target engagements with shot/no shot targets. 

  • Shooting from a seated position. 

  • We'll discuss and practice engagements from behind the cover/concealment. 

  • You'll be working with a partner to react, engage the threat and escape safely. 

  • We'll introduce Force on Force Training with the use of FX Simunition. 

  • You'll be taking part in Force on Force Scenarios designed by BZ Academy to test your learned skills, reaction time, and accuracy with the use of FX Simunition

  • In the end, we'll put everything in a large summary drill where you'll have to perform under a bit of stress.

  •  De-briefing and certification.


WEAPONS: Glock 17/19 Glock17T/19T (FX)

AMMUNITION: 500 x 9mm and 30 x 9mm FX

SKILL PERQUISITES: Tactical Handgun or equivalent or Combined Firearms Course. Please contact us for clarification. 

GEAR: Tactical Belt 40 mil wide. Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions. No Military clothing - please wear normal everyday use outdoor clothing. 

This Course is run by SIG SAUER Academy (USA) Certified instructor



Event Properties

Event Date 11-03-2022 9:00 am
Event End Date 13-03-2022 4:00 pm
Available place 13
Cut off date 06-03-2022
Individual Price £700 / €790 ALL INC
Categories Self Defence and Firearms, Firearms Courses, Advanced, Concealed Carry

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