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Individual Firearms Tactical Courses at BZ Academy

Individual and corporate courses at BZ Tactical Academy


In addition to our regular schedule of courses, BZ Tactical Academy offers customized training to meet your department’s or agency’s needs. Through customized training, your agency can purchase and modify any of our regularly offered programs or design unique training. This service explicitly addresses your specific training needs and focuses on delivering value within your costs and time constraints. The same expert instructors who conduct our classic list of BZ Tactical Academy courses also lead customized training. This option provides your agency with flexibility, which can help you achieve your objectives with pinpoint accuracy.


Organize a group of 8+ and have FREE access to the course you design. We also offer referral fee for our partners who recommend our courses to the others. Ask us for more details. 

An individual course in BZ Tactical Academy constitutes an offer dedicated to all persons who have not found a convenient term and module in our regular training offer. We want to meet you halfway so our individual course is dedicated to all persons desiring to undergo training in security, protection, etc.
If you want to adjust this course to your individual demands, objectives and requirements, we are at your disposal.

The individual course is dedicated to:

- organized civilian groups,

- airsoft groups who wants to use real firearms
- company members- corporate events to bond your key employees
- individuals who wants to upgrade their skills
- governmental organizations,
- etc.


- this offer is financially beneficial as we offer attractive packages for organized groups
- all knowledge and energy of the trainers is oriented towards one target group (usually speaking the same language)
- we are able to organize the course in one of our training centers in Poland  and in a customer’s location/ training center anywhere in the world
- you choose a term convenient for you, we only adjust ourselves to it
- possibility of establishing a relevant number of training hours, breaks, etc.
- possibility of connecting several pieces of training together
- we are open for your proposals

Below are some examples of the courses we can run for you and your team:

Tactical Pistol, Tactical Carbine, Dynamic Pistol, Dynamic Carbine, Concealed Carry Course, Home Defence Course, Vehicle Tactics, Krav Maga Urban Extreme, Combined Firearms Course, Instructor Course. 

Each year, individual groups undergo training at our company. Usually, they constitute groups of people who know each other, working in the same sector and coming from the same country. In order to improve their professional qualifications, they decide on training within the scope that is the most interesting for them.

We warmly invite you to ask questions concerning individual training. Please fill in the form below. The more detailed the definition of a preferred course type and other important items, the easier it is for us to respond and provide you with a specific proposal and service evaluation.

We will send a return e-mail to you with references to all items and answers to all questions. In addition, we will do our best to advise you.

Please use the CONTACT page or email us at  and we'll be happy to help you design your own training course.