KASOTC - Special Operation Training Center
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KASOTC - King Abdullah II Special Operation Training Center in Amman Jordan.

BZ ACADEMY is one of the only few approved private training companies that is allowed to use the KASOTC training facility in Jordan. Access to this special operation training centre gives us an opportunity to work with large private companies and run governmental projects. Due to access to a huge training facility complex and access to a large amount of ex-special forces, Law Enforcement and Military instructors we can run any type of training your company or agency needs. 


KASOTC is a state of Art Training facility that has some of the most technologically advanced equipment, instrumentation, target systems and ranges that exist in the world.

The 2.5 square Kilometer site boasts over 200 million dollars worth of cutting-edge training facilities.

KASOTC’s facilities will exceed your expectations and be your optimal training solution.

his one of a kind center has been providing up-to-date training in counter-terrorism, special operations and irregular warfare tactics, techniques and procedures since 2009. KASOTC offers tailored training courses that cater to both Military and civilian needs, as well as training support for clients from around the world according to their own training program needs.

World class, and expansive skill sets in strategic planning, competitive intelligence, team building, leader development, standard enforcement, and innovation are only a few of the advanced skill sets that the Military employs; skills and methodologies that KASOTC can translate into the context that creates the greatest value for any organization.

KASOTC offers tailored training courses that cater to Military, Law Enforcement and civilian needs, or training support for clients with their own training programs.

Since its Grand opening in May 2009, KASOTC has carried out and supported thousands of training programs on a variety of topics for satisfied clients from all around the world.

Simply put, if special operations units are the tip of the spear, then KASOTC is the sharpening tool that hones it.

You can organize tactical training according to your need and group size at KASOTC with BZ Academy. We'll take care of all the formalities and training preparation for your team. 



The Urban Area is specifically designed to replicate a realistic urban setting, with a wide range of buildings and facilities that simulate every possible situation of urban warfare or conflict within cities or villages. The 56 different city buildings and facilities, split into three sections, offer a comprehensive live training stage for operations taking place in public squares, residential buildings, business areas, and even banks and gas stations, among many others.

These typical city/village buildings are planned and constructed to implement training programs that enable live fire training, with access to full review and scoring, all executed at the highest levels of safety. In addition, the realistic training experience is further enhanced with real-life special effects including concussion wave cannons, machine gun simulators, speakers, plus battlefield smell and smoke generators. The training sessions are fully captured by hundreds of day/night cameras and microphones to allow a full post-training review and evaluation. 

The Urban Area is capable of providing the perfect training grounds for a variety of complex and highly-customized training programs, and in order to meet the different requirements of these different training operations, it is divided into three unique sections. These three sections provide separate, yet connected, areas that can accommodate programs and training sessions to prepare special operations teams for every possible urban incident or conflict. 

Section 1:

Located at the front-end of the Urban Area, Section 1 is the main and largest terrain for multiple and diverse training operations, with special buildings carefully distributed around the section to simulate a realistic neighborhood. Section 1 contains the following buildings: 

  • Residential (Population) Center: Consist of two separated buildings, the first building represents apartments complex of three floors, the second building represent entertaining center composed of 1 floor.

  • Densely-Populated Residential Area: Located at the beginning of the range, composed of four separated buildings, the first building has three floors, the second building has two floors and an apartment building has three floors. The apartments building has 2 entry points on both sides and emergency stairs and elevator.

  • Big Villa: This range has 2 separated buildings, the first building represents the villa which is a huge building of 2 floors , the second building is small and represent the butler house, the villa also has a small yard.

  • Public Area: Has one U shaped building and has a lot of attached room and a big yard in the middle.

  • The Market: Composed of 5 separated buildings, 1 building has 2 floors, 2 buildings have 1 floor, one big building with 1 floor, 1 building of 2 floors represents the municipality which has inside and outside stairs.

  • The Bank: Composed of three buildings with 2 floors.

  • Trade Area: Composed of a small building with 2 floors represent Industrial area and a 1 floor building opened form the front representing parking area for three vehicles.

  • Gas Station: With two pumps (can execute a symbolic Gas controlled safe explosion).

  • Industrial Area: One Building (with many storage areas, offices and a tower).

  • The Storage: It is a big building consists of many breaching  rooms equipped with ladders to enable the instructors and visitors to watch the training.

  • After Action Room: A hall equipped with screens and monitors for training action review of footage recorded from Range Operations Control (ROC) Tower. 

Section 2:

Section 2 is separated by barricades and is only accessible from Section 1, and it is designed to provide a confined training ground within an urban setting that allows for specific training courses and operations around and inside diverse building structures. The range of buildings’ sizes and their area plan distribution offer a unique opportunity for the executing of specialized and customized training operations. Section 2 contains of:  

  • Large 6-floor Building.

  • Three Big 3-floor Buildings.

  • Two Medium 2-floor Buildings.

  • Three Small Buildings.

Section 3:

Section 3 is located between two cliff barriers and is designed to resemble a high population density area, with multiple small residences in a village-type setting. The specialized training courses and sessions conducted in this condensed large area offer an unmatched Special-Op experience that is hard to emulate. Section 3 consists of:

  • 19 Small 1-floor Buildings.

  • Two Medium 2-floor Building.

All buildings are equipped with cameras, microphones, sound effects, and capable of recording the training events.