Tactical Training Courses For Civilians in Europe

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Tactical Training Courses for Civilians Near me


tactical training for Civilians? Is it possible to do it in Europe? What are the requirements, and what to expect? Can I start tactical training without any previous experience? Why do civilians start tactical training , and what are the good reasons you should do it too?






tactical training for civilians in Europe.

We answer the most common questions about tactical training courses for Civilians in Europe. 

Is it possible for civilians to participate in Tactical Firearms Training courses in Europe?

There is a myth that firearms tactical training is available only for Law Enforcement agencies, Military service, or special units. In most  European countries, tactical training for civilians is prohibited, and the reason for it is simple. Most governments do not want armed and trained civilians, especially in tactical training . However, there are still countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, or Slovenia where such activity can still be performed. 

I'll use the example of Poland as we, as a BZ Academy, are operating in Poland. This is where we host our civilian clients worldwide to provide tactical firearms courses or 1-2-1 tactical training for individuals and organized groups. 

We do not have regulations regarding how firearms training should be conducted in Poland. The polish firearms law and the official rules of how to use shooting ranges in Poland do not specify what kind of firearms training can be performed on polish shooting ranges. In most European countries, except the ones I mentioned at the beginning, it's not possible for civilians to do dynamic firearms training, tactical courses, or even use targets with a human shape on them. 

At BZ Academy, we can run any tactical training for civilians, including fundamentals of tactical shooting, advanced tactical training , teamwork, CQB tactical training courses, VCQB tactical training courses, and much more. The only limitation is the participants' safety, as we do not run any training if we see that our students are not ready yet to perform the drill or exercise safely. 

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 What are the requirements for tactical training for civilians?

If we are talking about an introductory tactical course for civilians, such as Tactical Pistol Course for Civilians or Tactical Rifle Course for Civilians, the only PREREQUISITES would be 18 years old (16 is permitted with a parent or guardian). Also, people who want to attend Tactical courses for Civilians should have a Clean Criminal Record (we may make exceptions with minor convictions - don't hesitate to contact us for clarification). The last thing would be the medical conditions. Suppose you are in good medical condition and do not suffer from any condition that may affect your training, your safety, and the safety of others. In that case, you may attend tactical training courses for Civilians. If you are in doubt, please get in touch with your doctor. 


Once you complete the introductory tactical training course for civilians, you may progress to more advanced training for civilians and participate in CFC Skill Builder Tactical Course, VCQB Tactical Course, Concealed Carry Tactical Course, or even the firearms instructor Course. On this occasion, we would like to bust the myth that the firearms instructor role is only reserved for ex-police, Military, and special forces instructors. We know many and work with many civilian instructors who went trought a long way in learning how to pass knowledge about tactical training to civilians. 

Does the tactical training for civilians run in the same manner as for police and Military, or special forces?

It depends on what the instructor and clients request. You must understand that tactical training for civilians to be real must be adopted not only to limitations on the gun law and equipment available but also the tactics that civilians will use to protect their lives. Civilians usually do not have access to fully automatic weapons, sophisticated communication equipment, intelligence, external support, or even teammates who perform the task together. 


At BZ Academy, we always run our training programs according to what we believe will happen in real life and adopt tactics and shooting techniques to civilian needs. It does not mean that we do not run advanced teamwork tactics, but we always explain to the students that it may be difficult to perform it in real life if you do not have a teammate with whom you always train. Also, it's worth mentioning that many civilian clients would like to train in the Military or special forces techniques and tactics because they like it and do it for fun without any intentions to use it in real life. Our clients often do not even have firearms at home due to restrictions in their countries. The uk is an excellent example where you cannot possess a full-calibre semi-automatic rifle or pistol. 

tactical training for Civilians can be a great hobby and stress relief available at our academy. 

Can I start tactical training for civilians without any previous experience? I have never used firearms before. 

The simple answer is YES, you can - at least with BZ Academy. Our clients on fundamentals courses are mainly civilians, ex-military who left the army, and those who serve. The fact that you do not have any previous experience does not matter, as on our fundamental tactical courses for civilians, we start from scratch. This means we explain the safety rules first, how the firearms works, perform dry training first and teach all the fundamentals, such as stance, grip, trigger pull, sight picture, etc. before we move on to live shooting techniques. Then we carefully asses the group and individuals to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe before progressing to more advanced shooting tactics for civilians. 

Why do many civilians visit our academy and participate in Tactical courses for Civilians?

There are a few reasons that we are aware of why civilians come to BZ Academy and participate in tactical courses.

1. For fun - as simple as that. Many of our clients enjoy training with weapons and treat it as a hobby. Most of them are returning customers who progress under our qualified instructor team and learn more each time they come. They become better shooters and firearms handlers; they become faster and more accurate. tactical training for civilians is a great fun, responsibility, and adrenaline booster. Our firearms courses for civilians are demanding, as we explain everything in detail, and expectations from our clients are high due to the top-quality teaching methods we use at BZ Academy. This gives an incredible feeling of achievement once they complete the course. 


2. They possess firearms in their home countries and want to learn the proper use of weapons and tactics in self-defence situations. Here is worth mentioning that at BZ Academy, we believe all the shooting techniques and tactics we teach professionally will benefit you in a crisis. Therefore everything we teach is simple and serves the purpose. We know that in a stressful situation such as a home invasion or a street gunfight, only simple techniques and tactics will work. You won't find any fancy methods you have seen on YouTube at our academy. We treat our courses very seriously and never teach something that we did not test and we do not fully believe will work. 

3. Another reason civilians visit BZ Academy for the tactical courses is that they are preparing to visit high-risk countries or countries with a war conflict like Ukraine. Some of our clients were going to African countries to do charity work and wanted to learn the basic use of firearms, just in case. We also have clients who joined the Ukrainian Foreign Forces and got training with us before their employment. We are also experiencing a high volume of Ukrainians who decided to get proper weapon training since Russia invaded their country. 

4. Another reason that civilians train in tactical training courses for Civilians at BZ Academy is that some of them would like to cooperate with BZ Academy by representing it in their own countries, or they want to become firearms instructors and help teach at BZ Academy or in their own countries. At BZ Academy, we offer an excellent opportunity for our clients to cooperate with us. You can check for more details HERE. 



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