How to get firearms license in Poland
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Firearms License Laws in Poland. All you need to know.


What Firearms we can legally own in Poland and how to get a license?

You have probably heard that firearms law in Poland is much better than in the uk. This is true, and I’d like to say that firearms law in Poland is one of the best in all European Union regarding possession, carrying and using firearms for training. 


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Safety Check Range Procedure
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How to perform weapon safety check on pistols and rifles?


In BZ Academy, we train responsible shooters, and each student should be responsible for his weapon status. We teach not only how to shoot but also how to think and understand what's going on with a weapon system you work with. Of course, we guide and educate the beginners from the very first day during PowerPoint presentations, dry training and live fire. 

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Maintaining and improving firearms handling and tactical skills
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Maintaining and improving firearms handling and tactical skills


To maintain and improve firearms handling skills, accuracy, speed, correct and safe use or so, regular training is required. Tactical firearms training is something that requires repetition and improvement over time in order to become more skillful and better at handling firearms. Many of our trainees, come back to do the fundamentals and skill builder courses over and over again, this enables them not to lose the knowledge and proficiency over time.

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How to become a pistol instructor in Europe
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How to become a professional firearms Instructor in Europe

This is not an easy question, but I’ll try to answer the best I can according to my knowledge, experience, and taking into account my story of how I became one. It's a time-consuming life-long journey of constant development, going out of your comfort zone on many occasions, but a well-rewarding profession that I would not change for anything else. 

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What training gear to buy for firearms courses
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What tactical training gear should I get for firearms courses?


So, you’re getting your own training equipment but not sure what to get, what would be comfortable to train in, or how to best adapt for the weather at any season? No worries, we got you covered! In this article we talk about all things equipment – tried and tested, and advice for anyone thinking of buying their own kit. You can find the list of recommended brands at the bottom of this article. 

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