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Civilian, Practical Shooter or Law Enforcement? Beginner or Intermediate Level? We got courses for you. Check below for the full schedule of our firearms and self-defence courses. Check why we are the best tactical shooting school in Europe for you.

All our weapon and self-defence courses are in English and certified by BZ AcademyOur courses locations are easy to get to as we'll pick you up from an airport in Poland and drop you back after the course. We have you covered from when you land in Poland to when you fly back to your home. Book one of our tactical courses and learn new skills, meet great people and have friends for life. All of this is in a safe environment run by professional instructors.

Our tactical courses are run by SIG SAUER Academy (USA) Certified Firearms Instructors and Krav Maga Experts.


ALL courses INCLUDE:

  • Customer care in English from registration through the course and after.

  • Accommodation - you arrive one day before the class and leave the same day when the course finishes in the evening.

  • Food - Full board. No need to worry about that. If you have any requirements such as vegetarian/allergies etc., let us know in advance.

  • Airport Pick up and drop off at specific hours

  • Range transfers from/to hotel

  • Live ammunition

  • Firearms hire

  • training equipment such as holster/mag pouch/rifle sling etc.

  • Safety equipment such as eye and ears protection

  • BZ Team Patch 

  • Certification


Concealed Carry Weapon CCW

13-06-2024 9:00 am - 14-06-2024 4:00 pm
£650 / €750 ALL INC
Concealed Carry Weapon CCW

Concealed Carry Course is open to all those who would like to learn and practise the use of a handgun from a concealed position. In Europe, this is the only way to carry firearms whether you are a close protection Officer, Sports Shooter or you carry your firearms for self-defence purposes.  In this course, we'll teach you about all the aspects of carrying your firearms not limited only to the technical part, but also we'll cover the legal side of it. You'll learn how to set up yourself for concealed carry, and how to draw your firearms from a concealed position whether it's an appendix or side carry plus we'll do countless drills to make your response fast, accurate, and effective. You must have completed Tactical handgun, or CFC Fundamentals to attend. Check course content for clarification. 


Pistol Fundamentals

13-07-2024 8:00 am -8:00 am
£350 / €400 ALL INC
Pistol Fundamentals Course

Embark on your journey into the world of pistol proficiency with our Pistol Fundamentals Course at BZ Academy. This course is specially crafted for beginners who are eager to learn the essential skills of safely and efficiently operating a pistol. In this foundational course, our expert instructors will guide you through the fundamental principles of pistol handling, ensuring you develop a solid understanding of safety, accuracy, and proper technique. Whether you're a first-time shooter or someone looking to reinforce the basics, the Pistol Fundamentals Course is the perfect starting point. GET 10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT if you book at least 3 months in advance. 


Rifle Fundamentals

14-07-2024 9:00 am -4:00 pm
£350 / €400 ALL INC
Rifle Fundamentals Course

Welcome to the Rifle Fundamentals Course at BZ Academy, where we invite enthusiasts of all skill levels to embark on a comprehensive journey into the art and science of AR15 rifle operation. This course is tailor-made for beginners seeking a solid foundation in AR15 rifle handling, safety, and marksmanship. In this immersive learning experience, our expert instructors will guide you through the essential principles of effective rifle use, ensuring you develop a strong understanding of safety protocols and fundamental techniques. Whether you're a novice or someone looking to refine your skills, the Rifle Fundamentals Course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to handle rifles safely and proficiently. GET 10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT if you book at least 3 months in advance.