About BZ Academy

BZ Academy, established in 2018, stands as a premier firearms training company dedicated to empowering civilians, security professionals, and Law Enforcement officers in their pursuit of excellence. Our commitment revolves around two core principles.

First and foremost is Firearms Safety, an unwavering cornerstone of BZ Academy. Ensuring a secure learning environment is our top priority, underlining the essence of responsible gun ownership and operation.

The second principle is SUCCESS. At BZ Academy, we are driven by the aspiration for every student to achieve excellence in accuracy, speed, and safe firearms manipulation. Our approach involves employing unique, accelerated learning methods designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge efficiently, even with limited time.

"BZ" echoes through naval signals as an acknowledgment of a maneuver well performed, or simply put, "Well Done!" This embodies our vision for each graduate of BZ Academy—to surpass their goals and excel in every aspect of their firearms training. We are dedicated to guiding you through a transformative journey, ensuring you not only meet but exceed your expectations during our courses.

BZ Academy Founder and Head instructor

About Bartosz

Bartosz is an expert in firearms training and self-defense, having trained hundreds of people worldwide, including civilians, Law Enforcement officers, and close protection agents. With 15 years of teaching experience and strong skills in shooting and combat, he helps clients progress quickly through his effective and straightforward teaching methods.

As one of the rare graduates of the well-known SIG SAUER ACADEMY in the USA, Bartosz is currently the only qualified SIG instructor offering modern firearms training in Europe. Before founding BZ Academy, he worked as an instructor at the European Security Academy (ESA) for five years, gaining valuable experience teaching firearm and self-defense techniques to security professionals. Bartosz is dedicated to making training accessible and impactful for everyone he works with. Bartosz, an expert in firearms training and self-defense, has not only personally trained hundreds worldwide but has also cultivated a highly skilled team of firearms instructors at BZ Academy. These dedicated professionals support the academy's mission, providing valuable assistance and expertise. Additionally, he trained many firearms instructors who conduct their independent firearms training courses, further expanding the reach and impact of BZ Academy's commitment to effective and accessible firearms education. With 15 years of teaching experience and a focus on practical, efficient methods, Bartosz and his team are dedicated to empowering individuals in their journey toward proficiency and safety.

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Some of Bartosz official certifications

Bartosz also trained on many occasions with members of the Police, Military and Special Forces to get a better understanding of problems that each group faces during their duty. 


Bartosz, a world-class firearms instructor at BZ Academy, is driven not only by his passion for helping others achieve their goals but also by a continuous commitment to personal improvement. Through regular training, he hones his own skills and refines teaching methods, ensuring that BZ Academy instructors receive the most effective tools and techniques to empower clients.

At BZ Academy, we meticulously analyze and pressure-test every technique and tactic we teach. Our aim is to impart practical, functional, and life-saving firearms techniques that are easy to perform under any circumstances. Rooted in the training principles of the SIG SAUER Academy, which caters to Law Enforcement, Military, Special Forces, and Civilians globally, our methods prioritize effectiveness and real-world application. Trust BZ Academy to provide you with skills that work seamlessly in the field, supporting your journey to proficiency and safety.