How to get firearms license in Poland

Firearms License Laws in Poland


What Firearms we can legally own in Poland and how to get a license?

You have probably have heard that firearms law in Poland is much better than in the uk. This is true, and I’d like to say that firearms law in Poland is one of the best in all European Union when it comes to possession, carrying and using firearms for training. 


How to become a firearms Instructor

This is not an easy question, but I’ll try to answer the best I can according to my knowledge, experience, and taking into account my story of how I became one. It's a time-consuming life-long journey of constant development, going out of comfort zone on many occasions, but a well rewarding profession that I would not change for anything else. CLICK THE PICTURE to read FULL ARTICLE.

Safety Check Range Procedure

How to perform weapon safety check?

In BZ Academy we train responsible shooters, and each student should be responsible for his weapon status. We teach not only how to shoot, but also how to think and understand what's going on with a weapon system you work with. Of course, we guide and educate the beginners from the very first day during PowerPoint presentation, dry training and live fire. We supervise the process until our shooters are confident and with a specific weapon system, know how to check the status of their firearms and can perform safety check without our supervision. When we clear the weapons after the drill, check them before the classes, pass the weapon to other shooter or not sure about the status and want to check it again we do the procedure which is called SAFETY CHECK.