European Firearms Instructor Certification

BZ Academy offers fully comprehensive 5 Days pistol or Rifle instructor courses

courses are open to everyone who possess knowledge and skills to safely use and manipulate rifle and/or pistol.

Firearms Instructor Courses Dates

Pistol and Rifle instructor European Certification

Learn how to run firearms courses in a safe and professional manner. Develop your skills and career. Discover your new passion. Learn from the best European tactical training academy how to run shooting courses.

 The main objective of the BZ Academy firearms instructor Course (Pistol or Rifle) is to provide all the necessary knowledge to our students who after completion of pistol/rifle instructor certification will be able to run safe firearms classes. Students who are evaluated best by BZ Academy leading instructors during the course and meet all BZ Academy requirements will receive an offer to work with BZ Academy as a firearms instructor.

We'll teach you BZ Academy training concepts and teaching methodology as well as supply you with ready-to-go teaching materials, so you can run shooting courses on your own under BZ Academy or as an independent shooting instructor. We do not force anyone to choose any career path, but we can advise how to become a successful firearms instructor.