Maintaining and improving firearms handling and tactical skills

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How to improve and maintain shooting skills


To maintain and improve firearms handling skills, accuracy, speed, correct and safe use or so, regular training is required. Tactical firearms training is something that requires repetition and improvement over time in order to become more skillful and better at handling firearms. Many of our trainees, come back to do the fundamentals and skill builder courses over and over again, this enables them not to lose the knowledge and proficiency over time.








Maintaining and improving firearms handling, shooting, and tactical skills.


Which firearms course to choose to start your firearms training journey?

Starting from a complete beginner, without any firearms experience, we always suggest the combined firearms course – marksmanship fundamentals, and/or the tactical handgun / tactical rifle courses. This provides the fundamental skills and knowledge of handling firearms for anyone of any level. Everyone learns differently and at different speeds, this is completely normal, some people pick up a lot of information and practical knowledge fast, and some need more time to digest and apply what they learned. We suggest taking time and coming back to fundamentals courses again for anyone, especially with no prior firearms experience.


I've done the fundamentals firearms course. What is my next step?

The next step in improving firearms and tactical skills would be the combined firearms skills builder course. This course should be attended by individuals with strong fundamentals and proper safety handling skills. The reason is, the course is designed to build on top of the fundamentals skills, meaning that there is no time to cover the basics, as the training is now at an advanced level. In the skills builder, we cover alternative shooting positions and work a lot more on emergency reloads, weapon transitions, and various distance shooting. Having strong fundamentals is important for advancing to shoot on the move to directions, handling malfunctions, and introduction to room entry close quarter battle (CQB) amongst other skills covered in the course. We suggest again, taking time to really digest all the new information and practical side of the training, as well as repeating the course again from time to time, to maintain all the new skills learned and to improve them.


Getting into tactical firearms training.

We move on to the next stage, where advanced firearms knowledge will be crucial – the combined firearms advanced VCQB (Vehicle Close Quarter Battle). In this course, we cover the skills required to operate in and out of the vehicle. This requires previous experience with firearms and strong fundamentals. The reason behind it is that the training is more technical, and firearms are used in tight spaces and dynamic operation, with weapon handling in and around the vehicles, including team drills and various movements with firearms. The course is realistic to real-life situations and highly immersive, advanced, and can greatly improve anyone’s tactical firearms knowledge and skillset. We cover a lot of material and practical training during the course, and we highly recommend repeating the course from time to time to anyone.

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Completing all the courses doesn’t automatically mean someone’s a perfect shooter, the key to becoming a highly skillful firearms operator and working towards excellent marksmanship, is training training training. Just like getting good at any other new sport or skill, it takes dedication and a lot of training in order to become more proficient in it. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of our trainees re-do many of the same courses and come back a few times a year (one of the other reasons is that the people simply enjoy the training and want to be good at it). Instructors at our Academy never stop learning new things and improving their own skills, often traveling overseas and constantly training with top professionals in the area.

Private training as a way to progress fast?


If you're new to firearms it's important to know how to handle and use your firearms properly. That's where private one-to-one firearms training at BZ Academy comes in. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced shooter, our instructors can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to improve your shooting abilities and stay safe.

At BZ Academy, we offer private firearms training on Glock pistols, AR15s and AK47 rifles. We can provide basic fundamentals training, intermediate firearms training, and tactical firearms training such as VCQB, CQB, and Concealed Carry. Let's take a closer look at each type of training.

Basic Fundamentals Training

If you're new to firearms, basic fundamentals training is the best place to start. Our instructors will teach you the fundamentals of firearm safety, including how to handle and store your firearm, how to properly load and unload your firearm, and how to aim and shoot your firearm. You'll also learn about the fundamentals of shooting such as stance, grip, sight picture and sight alignment, trigger manipulation, correct breathing, and how to clean and maintain your firearm in very good condition.

Intermediate Firearms Training

If you already have some experience with firearms, intermediate firearms training can help you take your skills to the next level. Our instructors will teach you advanced shooting techniques, such as shooting while moving, shooting from different positions, and shooting at moving targets. You'll also learn how to shoot accurately at longer distances.

Tactical Firearms Training

If you're interested in tactical firearms training, BZ Academy has you covered. Our instructors can teach you a variety of tactical shooting techniques, including VCQB (Vehicle Close Quarters Battle), CQB (Close Quarters Battle), and Concealed Carry. You'll learn how to shoot in a variety of real-world scenarios, including how to shoot from behind the cover and how to clear a room.

Benefits of Private One-to-One Firearms Training

Private one-to-one firearms training has several benefits over group training. First, you'll get one-on-one attention from our experienced instructors, who will tailor the training to your specific needs and skill level. You'll also be able to learn at your own pace, without feeling rushed or held back by other students.

In addition, private one-to-one firearms training allows you to focus on the specific type of training you want. Whether you're interested in basic fundamentals training, intermediate firearms training, or tactical firearms training, we can provide the training you need.

If you're looking to improve your shooting abilities and stay safe while handling firearms, private one-to-one firearms training at BZ Academy is the way to go. We offer training on Glock pistols, AR15 and AK47 rifles, and can provide basic fundamentals training, intermediate firearms training, and tactical firearms training such as VCQB, CQB, and Concealed Carry. Contact us today to schedule your training session!



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