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BZ Academy Firearms Instructor Course


The main objective of BZ Academy Firearms Instructor Course is to provide all the necessary knowledge to providing and supporting BZ ACADEMY courses at any location. Students who are evaluated best by instructors during the course and meet all BZ Academy requirements will receive an offer to work with BZ ACADEMY. We'll teach you BZ Academy training concepts and teaching methodology as well as supply you with ready to go teaching materials, so you can run courses by your own under BZ ACADEMY or as an independent instructor. 






SKILL PERQUISITES:  Candidates must possess knowledge of pistol handling and safe manipulation as well as be able to perform basic shooting drills safely. Tactical Handgun or equivalent is a minimum requirement. Please contact us for clarification.


7 Days Instructor  Course dates available below :

Firearms Instructor Course:                      8th 12th June 2020 


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Topics to be covered in BZ Academy Firearms Instructor Course

  • Introduction to BZ Academy Teaching Concepts.

  • Safety on the shooting range and local laws.

  • Group preparation and briefing.

  • Group control and set up on the shooting range.

  • Teaching the fundamentals to the group.

  • Ready shooting drills for beginners (step by step guide).

  • Group and Individual correction and feedback.

  • Specific drills to teach fixing malfunctions on various weapon systems

  • Specific drills to improve accuracy/weapon control/trigger work/grip/posture

  • Setting up a dynamic drill safely 

  • Alternative shooting positions (Pistol and Carbine)

  • Introduction to CQB and use of covers.

  • FX Simmunition Drills - (safety/drill set up/goals)

  • Dealing with difficult/emotional student.

  • How to develop a scenario training.

  • Teaching and shooting tests.

  • Certification. 


Completed at least 3 courses with BZ ACADEMY: Combined Firearms Course/ CFC Advanced and Krav Maga Urban Extreme. The instructor course is dedicated only to ex BZ Academy Graduates, Krav Maga Instructors, Firearms Instructors, and Law Enforcement Personnel. 

On BZ Academy Instructor Course our participants will learn from the basics how to structure firearms courses for a group of people and for an individual. We'll teach you how to asses students and give them the right tools to progress. The course is also open for existing instructors who want to expand their knowledge and become better instructors using the BZ Academy training methodology through their own experience and knowledge. Our instructor course will be run in a classroom and will consist of lectures, on the shooting range where our candidates will learn advanced shooting drills and in KILL HOUSE where various scenarios will be conducted. For the best of the best BZ ACADEMY will have an offer to help run our projects in 2020. 

Firearms Instructor Course: 8th - 12th June 2020  POLAND

We are more than happy to run an instructor course for groups a minimum of 6 participants. We are also happy to travel to your location and run the course at your facility.

Please email us if you want to make an inquiry.