Home Defence - Safe House

Home Defence - Safe House


Home Defence - Safe House - 3 Days Course.

This 3 days course is designed to give you a better understanding of how to protect your home against unexpected guests. We'll cover the theory on how can you use hardware to make your home a safer place and secure it better against robbery and invaders. As a primary home protection defense tool, we'll use a semi-auto pistol, but we'll also teach you how to work with a flashlight, use an expandable baton, and other tools which you may choose to protect your home and family. The course contains also plenty of scenarios with the use of force including training Force to force on FX Simunition Designated Glocks as well as live fire on the shooting range. 

3 Days - 30 Hours. PRICE £700 / 800 Euro

SKILL PERQUISITES: None. Open Course - no experience needed.  

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This Course is run by SIG SAUER Academy (USA) Certified Instructor and Krav Maga Experts.

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Topics to be covered in Home Defence - Safe House 3 Days Course


Securing your Home and understanding its weak points.

Hardware and technology can be used to secure your place.

Legal tools to protect your home and family.

Preparing a plan for your home security. 

How to set up a home for an unfortunate incident of a home invasion. 

How to work with a flashlight and clear the rooms.

Use of Pistol as a primary tool for securing your home.

CQC Room clearing - one man. 

Hand to Hand Combat drills in CQC.

Use of alternative tools to fight back home invaders.

Use of expandable baton with a flashlight. 

How to set up a bedroom. 

Real-Life Scenarios with use of force. 

Shooting range live firearms drills (Full Day)  

De-Briefing and certification. 


Home Defence - Safe House Course Info  :

WEAPONS: Glock 17/19 Glock FX. Hand Flashlight, Baton, Knife

METHODS: Classroom, Shooting Range, Shoot House for Scenarios.

AMMUNITION: 200 x 9mm + 50 x 9mm FX (depends on group skills and progress)

SKILL PREREQUISITES: NONE - The course is open for beginners.

Location: POLAND - POZNAN or WROCLAW. Contact us on the airport information.

Training gear to be taken :

 Combat trousers with a tactical belt that will hold the holster.


We supply :

All the training equipment / holsters / mag pouches /firearms / ammo 

This Course is run by SIG SAUER Academy (USA) Certified Instructor and Krav Maga Experts.