Close Protection Firearms Training
We provide specific VIP Protection Firearms Training for CPO

In the European market, we stand out as one of the few experienced companies offering specialized firearms training for VIP Close Protection Officers. Our instructors are not just seasoned professionals in the field, but they also possess a wealth of knowledge in teaching techniques, ensuring you grasp the principles of close protection and the use of firearms as a last resort. To guarantee the best outcomes in critical situations, our firearms training methods are rigorously tested through simulated, high-stress drills using FX Simunition. We serve the firearms training needs of the close protection industry in Europe, as well as in South and Central America where the threat level remains consistently high.

Close Protection Firearms and Tactics Course in Europe

The Close Protection Firearms and Tactics Course is not readily accessible in many countries due to firearms regulations and limitations at shooting ranges, making it difficult to conduct advanced VIP evacuation drills or train Attack on Principle Drills with the use of FX Simunition.

At BZ Academy, we provide a comprehensive solution to this issue with all the necessary training equipment and a designated training area that ensures safe firearms training for VIP Close Protection Teams and Individuals. Our 5-day VIP Close Protection Training program covers a wide range of topics including classroom theory, walk-in formations (VIP+1/VIP+5), procedures for entering and exiting armored and unarmored vehicles, basic and advanced firearms training for close protection, concealed carry training for CPO officers, hand-to-hand combat defense techniques, and tactics for VIP protection, attack on principle drills using FX Simunition to simulate real-life scenarios, and evacuation procedures.

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Video from Close protection Firearms and Tactics Course we run for ESCOLVIG in Colombia

5 Days Close Protection Firearms and Tactics Course is recommended for VIP Protection agents or those who want to work in VIP Protection in Medium/High-Risk areas or where the direct threat to your principal exists. Correct planning, adapting to the dynamic environment, and conflict management are crucial when under direct threat. We need to know how to respond rapidly to ensure our VIP is evacuated to safety. This course consists of 90% of practical skills, including firearms tactics, hand to hand VIP Protection techniques, VIP close formations (VIP+2/VIP+5), VIP Evacuation tactics. We'll also cover EMBUS/DEBUS drills (enter/exit the vehicle), attack scenarios with FX Simunition, VIP Protection live-fire scenarios.

The course is OPEN, and no previous experience is needed. 




  • Introduction to Close Protection Classroom Presentation

  • CPO escort Techniques and Tactics VIP+1 VIP +2 

  • Close Protection escort Techniques and tactics VIP + 3

  • Close Protection Firearms Dry Training

  • Firearm Training (Fundamentals of Shooting). SAFETY ! gear Placement/stance/Grip/Draw/Sight Alignment/Sight Picture/Trigger Manipulation

  • Close Protection VIP Firearms Drills (Single shoot/double-tap/trigger work/low ready position/high ready position) 

  • Krav Maga Hand To Hand Combat - Empty Handed Attacker (fundamentals of defensive tactics, shielding VIP Protection techniques, takedowns techniques, VIP Drills)

DAY 2 

  • CPO Theory. VIP Protection Team Roles

  • Vip Protection Techniques and Tactics VIP+3/VIP+4 on foot formation

  • CPO Firearms Training (engaging multiple targets/shooting in different directions/ moving with a firearm/shooting on the move)

  • Responding to threat drills - - VIP Protection Techniques and Tactics

  • Use of Hand to Hand Combat Skills to protect VIP against an armed attacker (Knife). 


  • CPO Theory. Threat Assessment

  • Vip Protection Techniques and Tactics VIP+4/VIP+5 (BOX/DIAMOND on foot formation)

  • Vip Vehicle Techniques and Tactics (EMBUS/DEBUS)

  • Close Protection Firearms Training (one hand shooting techniques, VIP protection live-fire drills, teamwork)

  • Use of Hand to Hand Combat Skills to protect VIP against an armed attacker (Stick). 

DAY 4. 

  • CPO Theory. Advanced Work

  • VIP Protection Techniques AOP Drills (Attack on Principle drills with the use of FX Simunition)

  • AOP Drill TEST

  • Firearms Training (Concealed Carry Techniques)

  • Use of Hand to Hand Combat Skills to protect VIP against an armed attacker (Pistol Threats). 

DAY 5. 


  • Hand to Hand Combat VIP Protection Techniques TEST (Teamwork)




Ammunition and gear

Pistols provided: Glock 17 and Glock 19 + FX Glock 17T/19T

Ammunition 500 rounds of 9mm + 50 rounds of 9mm FX Simunition

SKILL PERQUISITES: NONE Course is OPEN to everyone. 

gear: Tactical Belt 40 mil wide. Tactical Shirt/Tshirt, Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

This Course is run by SIG SAUER Academy (USA) Certified instructor.

COST: £1500/1750 EURO

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Close Protection Course Logistics

Time duration: 5 Days


Accommodation and full board included


The Course includes four tests that need to be passed positively:

1. CPO Theory

2. Attack on Principle Drill

3. Shooting TEST

4. Hand to Hand Combat Techniques TEST

BZ Academy International certificate upon positive completion of the Course.

If you do not pass the tests and meet minimum requirements, you'll receive a participation diploma only. 

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Offer for Close Protection Training Companies

If you run Close Protection Training Company and provide professional Close Protection Training you may want to contact us and discuss the possibility to extend your training programme for Firearms Training for Close protection. 

If you are a uk Close protection Training Company you can use our facility to provide accredited Level 4 Close protection Firearms and Tactics certification. You can also run full Level 3 Close Protection courses at our facility and give the opportunity for clients from Europe to join your courses. Do not close your customer database to the uk only! 

Due to Brexit and current inconvenience to travel regulations related to Covid-19 customers from the European mainland may not be happy to travel to the uk to participate in Level 3 Close Protection courses even if they are happy to pay for them.

BZ Academy - Perfect Training facility for Close Protection and Firearms Training

At BZ Academy we have a 100m flat range where you can use vehicles for tactical training and shoot in three directions. To make training more realistic we can use any type of covers, barrels, obstacles etc. We can train without limitations AOP drills and different scenarios. If needed we can split the large groups and divide training into modules and use our 25m three direction range and run pistol training for example. 

We have access to the classroom and toilets. We can organize vehicles that can be destroyed during the course for the price of £100 each. 

Examples of Firearms we can provide for Close Protection Training

Firearms training is an essential aspect of close protection (CP) work. Close protection officers (CPOs) are responsible for safeguarding individuals, including high-profile figures, from threats and harm. In order to fulfill their duties effectively, CPOs must be trained in a range of security-related skills, including the use of firearms.

In today's uncertain world, the threat of violence and terrorism is ever-present. CPOs must be able to respond to potential danger quickly and effectively, often in high-pressure situations. In order to do so, they must have a thorough understanding of firearms and the skills necessary to use them correctly.

At BZ Academy, we understand the importance of firearms training for CPOs. Our training programs are designed to equip CPOs with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves and their clients in the event of a violent encounter. Our instructors are experienced security professionals who have worked in a variety of high-risk environments and have extensive training in firearms use.

One of the key benefits of BZ Academy's firearms training program is that it focuses on real-world scenarios. Our instructors use scenario-based training to help CPOs understand how to react in different situations, such as an active shooter scenario or a kidnapping attempt. This type of training helps to prepare CPOs for the challenges they may face in the field and enables them to make split-second decisions with confidence.

In addition to scenario-based training, BZ Academy also provides CPOs with the opportunity to practice their firearms skills on a range. Our range training is designed to help CPOs refine their marksmanship and develop a strong sense of familiarity with their firearms. This type of training is essential for ensuring that CPOs can use their firearms effectively in high-pressure situations.

At BZ Academy, we are committed to providing the highest quality firearms training for CPOs. Our training programs are designed to meet the needs of CPOs at all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. Whether you are just starting out in the field of close protection or you are looking to enhance your existing skills, our training programs can help you reach your goals.

In conclusion, firearms training is a crucial aspect of close protection work, and it is essential that CPOs receive training from experienced professionals. BZ Academy is the ideal choice for CPOs who are looking to receive the best firearms training available. Our focus on real-world scenarios, range training, and commitment to providing high-quality training make us the ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their firearms skills.