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Firearms Certificates in Europe


Many people reach out to us with questions about the certificates they receive after completing our firearms courses and whether these certificates are recognized internationally. In this article, we aim to debunk some common myths about firearms certifications and provide insights into their recognition in foreign countries. Let's tackle the most frequently asked questions and shed light on these topics.








BZ Academy Certificates - How does it work? We are busting some myths, and answering questions.  


**Addressing Common questions about BZ Academy Certifications and Their Global Recognition**

Many people reach out to us with questions about the certificates they receive after completing our firearms courses and whether these certificates are recognized internationally. In this article, we aim to debunk some common myths about certifications and provide insights into their recognition in foreign countries. Let's tackle the most frequently asked questions and shed light on these topics.


**1. Can I apply for a firearms license when I complete a course at BZ Academy?**

In short, no. Obtaining a firearms license is a country-specific process, and the authority responsible for issuing licenses varies from place to place. BZ Academy certificates can be beneficial in this regard, as they demonstrate your commitment to professional firearms training. However, the actual license application is subject to local laws and regulations.


**2. Can I carry a pistol in my country when I have a BZ Academy certificate?**

In most European countries, a permit to carry firearms is either extremely challenging to obtain or doesn't exist at all. Poland, where BZ Academy is located, has unique firearm regulations allowing individuals to carry firearms without a separate license, provided they are concealed. Remember, international companies cannot grant you a carry license; only your local police, following local laws, can do that.


**3. Is a BZ Academy Certificate recognized in my country?**

The recognition of our certificates depends on various factors. BZ Academy is not officially recognized by any government as the official firearms training provider, but we do provide training to governmental agencies from around the world. Universal worldwide firearms qualifications do not exist, so private companies and governments must rely on reputation, recommendations, and trust when assessing the quality of training.


**4. Can I buy a gun when I complete a BZ Academy course?**

No, completing a BZ Academy course does not grant you the right to purchase firearms. To acquire firearms legally, you must adhere to your country's regulations and apply through your local police station for a firearms license.


**5. What can I do with a BZ Academy Certificate when I complete the course?**

A BZ Academy certificate is primarily a confirmation of course completion and may not reflect your skill level or competency. It can serve as an additional credential on your CV if you're pursuing firearms-related jobs. Our reputation for providing high-quality training and professionalism can also enhance your prospects in the industry.


**6. Can I get a job when I finish a BZ Academy firearms course?**

BZ Academy is a firearms training provider, not an employment agency. While we offer training in various scenarios, including security and VIP protection, we do not provide job placement services. However, for our top graduates of firearms instructor courses, we do offer cooperation opportunities that can be mutually beneficial.


**7. Can I get European Firearms Certification when I finish a course at BZ Academy?**

It's important to clarify that there is no such thing as European Firearms Certification. Each European country has its own firearms laws and requirements. What some may be referring to is the European Firearms Pass, which is a document that allows you to travel with your legally owned firearms within the European Union. To obtain this pass, you'll need a firearms license in your home country, and applly for European Firearms Pass at your local Police Station.


**Accredited Certifications: The uk and Polish Examples**

BZ Academy operates as a private company registered in the uk with operations in Poland. Our choice of location is due to factors such as firearms and range access as well as less strict gun laws. We are often asked about the accreditation of our courses and certificates. To clarify, private training companies, like BZ Academy, can seek accreditation from national governing bodies to provide nationally recognized qualifications. Let's take a look at the examples in the uk and Poland:


**uk Example:**

In the uk, several governing bodies provide accredited qualifications, such as the Level 3 close protection Operative (20 days, costing approximately £3,000), Level 4 Award in close protection in a Hostile Environment (12 days, costing approximately £3,000), and Level 3 Award in Hostile Environment, among others. These qualifications are necessary to work for uk companies in the security sector, either on the uk mainland or abroad. Completing the Level 3 close protection Operative Course allows one to apply for an SIA License (uk Security Industry Authority), a key requirement for employment in the uk security industry. Since the uk's governing bodies are well-developed, some foreign companies may also seek SIA Licenses or UK-accredited qualifications when hiring security personnel to work in High-Risk Countries.

It's important to note that BZ Academy focuses on firearms courses, which include practical exercises on the range. This specialization does not require us to seek accreditation from uk governing bodies, as our courses are distinct from those that are primarily classroom-based and covered by existing accreditation bodies.  It's important to remember that, there is no accredited firearms qualification that is universally recognized across all European countries. On top of that, even uk governing bodies do not provide purely firearms training-based accreditation. 

In summary, if your goal is to work in the security industry in the uk, obtaining UK-accredited qualifications is essential. BZ Academy Firearms Certification can serve as an additional confirmation of your professional firearms training, which you can add to your CV when applying for jobs that require firearms expertise.


**Poland Example:**

In Poland, there are accredited courses recognized by the Polish Government and Police. These qualifications are typically confirmed with certificates from accredited training providers. For instance, one such qualification is the Range Safety Officer Qualification, which allows individuals to use shooting ranges without the supervision of a Range Safety Officer or conduct shooting classes. This course primarily involves theory in the classroom and has a limited range time. However, it's important to note that this qualification is conducted mainly in the Polish language and is valid only in Poland, making it unsuitable for use abroad.

Another example is the firearms instructor Qualification, an 8-day course that emphasizes classroom instruction with limited range time. This qualification allows individuals to apply for a firearms license in Poland, but exclusively for the purpose of training others. It is not recognized outside of Poland due to variations in firearms laws and requirements among different countries.

Running courses of this nature necessitates a company's registration with the Ministry of Education, extensive paperwork, and ongoing administrative requirements. While BZ Academy is considering pursuing this accreditation, our focus would be directed toward the Polish market, as these qualifications have limited utility in other countries.

In conclusion, if you are seeking certifications officially recognized in your country and your goal is to obtain a firearms license or secure a security-related job, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with your local laws and follow the relevant instructions. However, if you are seeking knowledge on safe and efficient firearms use for recreational, self defence purposes or as a complementary skill for your current job in Law Enforcement, the Military, or security, BZ Academy is here to provide you with the necessary tools and expertise. Additionally, a BZ Academy Certificate, while not officially recognized by your country's government, carries significant weight within the global shooting community.








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