Krav Maga Urban Extreme CQB Pistol


  • Krav Maga gun disarms basics

  • Theory about gun disarms and firearms mechanism.

  • Pressure drills with gun disarm

  • Disarming assailant with FX Glock (attacker tries to shoot when seeing movement)

  • Working under stress and tiredness with FX Glock disarm techniques.

  • Introduction to the operating of a pistol in buildings

  • One man room clearing techniques in a home defence context

  • One man room entry

  • Use of pistol compressed positions in confined spaces 

  • CQB Drills

  • Pistol fundamentals dry drills

  • Shooting fundamentals (grip/stance/trigger work/breathing/sight picture/sight alignment/ follow-through)

  • Dealing with malfunctions (stow pipe/failure to feed-out of battery/misfire/double feed/mag out)

  • Multiple targets/Multiple shots - weapon handling when shooting under stress

  • Double-tap and reset work.

  • Battle pick up and dealing with malfunction.

  • Shooting after fights and defending opponent.

  • Shooting when tired under stressful conditions.

  • Weapon retention drills

  • Scenarios with gun disarm and use of force

  • Simulations in an urban environment with FX Simunition.

  • Dealing with multiple attackers (armed and unarmed)

  • Advanced drills and scenarios with gun disarm in a Close Quarter environment

  • Debrief and Certification

Event Properties

Event Date 24-04-2020 9:00 am
Event End Date 26-04-2020 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 25-01-2020
Available place 15
Cut off date 20-04-2020
Individual Price £600 / €700 ALL INC
Location European Security Academy Facility - POLAND
Categories Self Defence and Firearms, Beginners,KMUE CQB PISTOL,Self Defence Courses

Group Rate

#Registrants Rate/Person(£)
2 575.00
3 560.00
4 540.00


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