BZ Academy International offers various Tactical Courses where our specialist instructors with vast experience in the field teach particular skill sets suitable for specific tasks and environments.


Ghost Recon - Woodlands

The course explains the principles of how to prepare a mission of recon behind the enemy lines.  We'll teach you how to use a map to plan a mission, how to prepare all the necessary equipment for it and how to become invisible in the woods. You'll learn how to camouflage yourself and how to move without being detected. You will learn on the first day on the shooting range how to break contact if detected in teams of two or four with use of rifles and live ammunition, then you move on to the woods where you have to locate the base camp for the night, establish the perimeter and night watch. Next day you'll learn many useful techniques and tactics used by Recon Special Forces Operations, how to move undetected and how to collect valuable information for your team. We'll teach you how to move in the woods and use the silent signs for communication. Then your mission will be to cross the real village without being detected, collect the package from the designated point and establish the base in the woods. On last night you'll have night exercises and in the morning come back to the shooting range for debriefing. 

Event Date 07-08-2020 9:00 am
Event End Date 09-08-2020 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 27-01-2020
Available place 16
Cut off date 02-08-2020
Individual Price £600 / €700 ALL INC
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Krav Maga Urban Extreme CQB Rifle

KMUE CQB Rifle is designed to prepare civilians and law enforcement professionals on how to respond to an active shooter event.  We'll cover how to defend against the aggressor armed with an assault rifle and we'll teach you how to use it in a Close Quarter Battle environment. You'll learn the theory about active shooter attacks during the PowerPoint presentation where we'll show how the human body responds to a stressful situation and how to overcome this reaction to make the most successful life-saving decisions. We'll talk through AVOID - DENY - DEFEND procedures and ut them together with real-life active shooter scenarios. Participants will learn how to operate in a CQB environment, how to make an ambush and how to disarm the attacker. On the shooting range, we'll explain and teach you how to operate a rifle from a fundamental level up to be able to fix the malfunctions and bring it to working condition. The course will finish with full Active Shooter Multiple Scenarios with the use of FX Simunition.

Event Date 11-09-2020 9:00 am
Event End Date 13-09-2020 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 03-02-2020
Available place 16
Cut off date 06-09-2020
Individual Price £650 / €750 ALL INC
Categories KMUE CQB RIFLE, Beginners,Self Defence and Firearms,Tactical Courses