Five reasons to try Shooting Ranges in Poland and why you should do it in Poland

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Best shooting range in Poland


Poland is the best place to visit when it comes to firearms training in Europe. There are a few reasons for that, and we will try in this article to guide you on the best and answer the questions about firearms training on the shooting ranges in Poland.

Here is why you may visit polish shooting ranges for your firearms training.





Firearms Shooting Ranges in Poland.


1. Great choice of weapons on shooting ranges in Poland.


Poland has one of the best firearms laws regarding what firearms ranges and private citizens can possess. In Poland, we have no limits on calibres, so full-bore calibres are available from .223 u to .50 calibre. This gives you various rifles such as AK47 variants, AR15, MSBS GROT, FN SCAR, Sniper rifles etc. Anything you can imagine, you can find in Poland.

Some commercial shooting ranges in Poland located in main cities such as Warsaw, Kraków, Wroclaw and Poznan may have an excellent choice of weapons and provide commercial packages for tourists. You pay for the package, go to the range, and shoot a static variety of weapons under the supervision of a firearms instructor. Foreigners can pop into this range and, without any specific permit, use the weapons the shooting range provides. Polish gun law does not prohibit foreigners from using weapons at polish shooting ranges.


BZ Academy 25m Range

On the other hand, professional training companies such as BZ Academy may have a limited choice of firearms. Still, they have large quantities of weapons they provide training on. For example, in BZ Academy, we use AR15 and AK47 for rifle training courses and Glocks for Pistol Training courses, and we focus only on those platforms.


 2. Everything in SEMI AUTO. FULL AUTO is also possible.

In most European countries, there are restrictions on semi-auto rifles and pistols. For example, n the uk, it's almost impossible to shoot a semi-auto pistol, not to mention a semi-auto rifle in a calibre larger than .22lr. In Poland, we use this calibre for kids😊  

As in Poland, we can have all full-bore calibres in semi-auto; some commercial ranges also offer FULL AUTO firearms for foreigners. You can shoot FULL AUTO rifles in POLAND on some commercial ranges. At BZ Academy, we use only SEMI AUTO Rifles and Pistols. We believe full auto does not bring any benefits to tactical training for civilians and increases the risk of an accident on the shooting range. Still, you can do it if you want to shoot full auto firearms in Poland. 


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Pistol Fundamentals

Pistol Fundamentals Course
13-07-2024 8:00 am -8:00 am
£350 / €400 ALL INC

Rifle Fundamentals

Rifle Fundamentals Course
14-07-2024 9:00 am -4:00 pm
£350 / €400 ALL INC

 3. The way we can train on shooting ranges in Poland.

In most  European countries, tactical training , defensive training, and combat training are forbidden. In most cases, you can only practice sport shooting using sports targets, and it's prohibited even to use the human shape targets. Everything needs to be related to sports shooting on the sport's rules. 

Polish shooting ranges offer all kinds of tactical training , including CQB, Vehicle Tactics, Sniper Training and much more. Why is this possible? It's straightforward: polish firearms and shooting range regulations do not prohibit this kind of firearms training; therefore, it is FULLY LEGAL in Poland. In Poland, you can train any tactical training , including dynamic shooting, shooting on the move, shooting in pairs, shooting in a team, training advanced Military tactics, practising close protection Firearms Tactics, train inside and around the vehicles. 

BZ Academy 100m Tactical Range

Check BZ Academy TRAINING courses and see what we have to offer.


 4. You can hire a shooting range in Poland with weapons and a Safety officer or Professional instructor.


In Poland, if you want to organize a group of friends or firearms passionates, you can contact a company like ours and organize private firearms training. Professional firearms training facilities can provide shooting ranges, instructors, guns, and all the necessary training equipment. They can also arrange logistics such as airport pick up, drop off and accommodation with food. All you have to do is to contact another firearms training company of your choice or us. We cooperate with many clients from all over the world and professional training companies from various countries.

We hire our shooting range located in Poland for foreign groups, and for example, we cooperate with a few training companies from Germany. They come to us with their weapons, and we provide the range, training aids and Safety Officers. We also hire our shooting ranges for close protection Training companies from the uk, where participants can train in firearms as part of their Level 4 close protection Firearms, and Tactics certified course. 

If you are looking for fun shooting, get in touch with one of the commercial shooting ranges in Poland, as we do not provide this kind of service.



 5. Poland has a good choice of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.


You may find many indoor ranges in Poland, usually inside the cities. Those ranges are perfect for any weather conditions but are often limited to only 25m. They may offer an excellent choice of weapons if you want to try different things. Sometimes ventilation may be an issue, but they are well-designed and organized in most cases.

Another option is to use outdoor shooting ranges in Poland. They are suitable for spring, summer and autumn unless you want to try yourself in more demanding winter conditions during December and January. Usually, those shooting ranges are more extensive and designed for tactical training like BZ Academy is.



To summarize, Poland is a perfect country to visit if you want to shoot for fun or receive professional firearms training. We have indoor and outdoor shooting ranges in Poland, ranging from 25m to 600m and firearms in multiple calibres. And it's all full bore in semi-auto, in some cases full auto. For professional firearms training, you may try firearms courses at our company. For commercial fun shooting, stag parties and full auto experience, we recommend contacting one of the commercial ranges in major polish cities.