Planning to visit BZ ACADEMY for the first time. Read this GUIDE.

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No previous firearms experience - not a problem at all.

Decided to learn a new skill and learn the correct and safe way of handling firearms? Whether you want to try it out for fun, are going to work in a hostile environment or already work there and want to improve your skill set, the BZ Academy delivers to a wide range of individual needs.

First things first, depending on your individual needs or wants, skillset, experience, or desire to learn, it is important to pick the right course for yourself. We currently run regular training courses for everyone from a complete no experience in firearms beginners to specialists in the subject matter. Frankly, a lot of highly experienced men and women in the firearms field, come and train regularly at our fundamental courses, to maintain their skillset and correct any mistakes under professional supervision.

Planning to come to BZ Academy for the first time? Here is All you need to know.


Firearms ownership or the knowledge of how to handle firearms is a right that comes with great responsibility, and it's essential to understand and know how to safely handle a firearm. Enrolling in a firearms course is a critical step in ensuring you have the proper education and training to meet that responsibility. And with the ease of the internet, you can now sign up for a firearms course from the comfort of your own home. In this article, we will discuss how easy it is to register for a firearms course on our website.

Step 1: Visit the Website

The first step in registering for a firearms course is to visit The website is easy to navigate, and the homepage features a clear call to action for enrolling in a firearms course. From the homepage, you can also access information about the different courses we offer, including their duration, schedule, and costs.

Step 2: Choose Your Course

Once you have reviewed the available courses, you can select the one that best suits your needs. Our website offers a variety of courses, including basic firearms safety, concealed carry, and advanced shooting techniques. Each course is designed to meet the needs of different skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

Step 3: Complete the Online Registration Form

After selecting your course, you will be directed to the online registration form. The form is straightforward and easy to fill out, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. You will need to provide basic information, such as your name, address, and contact information. 

In addition to the registration form, you will also need to upload a photocopy of your passport, a completed medical form, and proof of a clean criminal record. The medical form can be downloaded from the top of the registration page on our website, and proof of a clean criminal record can be provided in the form of an official document or a self-declaration form, which is also available on our website.

Please note that these additional requirements are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants in our firearms courses. By providing this information, you are demonstrating your commitment to responsible firearms handling. 

Step 4: Make Payment

Once you have completed the registration form, you will be prompted to make a payment. Our website offers several convenient payment options, including credit cards and PayPal. The payment process is secure, and your personal and financial information is protected. You can choose to pay ONLY the deposit, and the rest of the payment by CASH or CARD at our Academy, or pay for the course in FULL during the registration process. 

Step 5: Confirm Your Enrollment

After you have made the payment, you will receive a confirmation email that includes all the details of your enrollment. This email will serve as proof of your registration. 


Now, depending on anyone’s means of transportation, for flying to Poland, we recommend the Wroclaw Airport, which is the most convenient and closest airport to the city where the Academy is located. From Wroclaw Airport, we pick up and drop off people during normal day hours. We arrange one pick up one day before the course starts. Please note that we arrange a pick-up until 19.00. For anyone driving to the range/hotel themselves, we provide the address of the locations needed. If you want to be picked up from the airport at a fixed hour which will be announced by email a few days before the course starts go to the next section of this article.

If you arrive at Wroclaw Airport early, or after 19.00 you may need to consider getting to Hotel in Luban on your own.  

There are a few options to do that:


  1. Go to the Wrocław Główny railway station, located in the city center. You can take a taxi from the airport or a direct bus. The bus stop is located on the right side as you exit the ARRIVALS area. 

  2. Purchase a ticket to the Luban station at one of the ticket counters or automated ticket machines.

  3. Board the train indicated on the schedule and ticket, and sit back and enjoy the ride.

  4. Get off at the Luban station and exit the platform.

  5. Take a taxi or walk to the hotel. Hotels are located about 10min by walking from the Train Station in Luban. 

Car Hired at the Airport:

  1. Arriving at Wrocław–Copernicus Airport, proceed to the car rental desk located in the arrivals area.

  2. Choose a rental car company and select the car you prefer.

  3. Fill out the necessary paperwork and pay for the rental.

  4. Pick up your rental car from the parking lot and drive to Luban.

  5. You can also book your car in advance. Use car rental search services such as


  1. Proceed to the taxi stand located outside of the arrivals area at Wrocław–Copernicus Airport.

  2. Give the destination address (Luban) to the taxi driver.

  3. Get in the taxi and sit back for the journey to Luban.

  4. Pay the fare to the driver upon arrival at your destination in Luban. Make sure you agree on the price before you accept it or tell the taxi driver to turn on the meter to avoid issues. 

Note: The estimated journey time by car is around 90 minutes, while by train, it may vary depending on the schedule and train you to take, typically around an hour up to two hours. 


BZ Academy is proud to offer its clients a seamless and hassle-free journey from Wroclaw Airport to their firearms training courses. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of our clients' experience is as easy and comfortable as possible, and the journey from the airport to the hotel is no exception.

The journey from Wroclaw Airport to the hotel located in Luban is approximately an hour and a half, and we have arranged for private transportation to make this journey as smooth as possible. Our experienced and knowledgeable drivers are equipped with the latest GPS technology and will ensure that your clients arrive at the hotel safely and on time.

Upon arrival at Wroclaw Airport, our clients will be greeted by one of our friendly representatives who will assist them with their luggage and escort them to their private vehicle. The vehicles are spacious, air-conditioned, and equipped with comfortable seating to ensure that our clients arrive at the hotel feeling refreshed and relaxed.

As our clients make their way to the hotel, they will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area. The journey is not just a means of getting from A to B, but an opportunity to experience the local culture and history of this stunning region.

Once our clients arrive at the hotel located in Luban, they will be met by a team of welcoming and friendly staff who will assist them with check-in and ensure that they are comfortably settled into their rooms. The rooms are modern, comfortable, and equipped with all the amenities that our clients need to feel at home.

In conclusion, the journey from Wroclaw Airport to the hotel located in Luban for BZ Academy's firearms courses is a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. From the private transportation, to the friendly and knowledgeable staff, to the comfortable hotel accommodation, every aspect of this journey has been designed to make our clients' experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. At BZ Academy, our goal is to provide a world-class firearms training experience, and we are confident that our clients will appreciate the effort that we have put into making their journey as smooth and seamless as possible

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Try delicious Polish meals during firearms courses


FOOD, COFEE, and TEA at the hotel and shooting range.

At BZ Academy, we understand the importance of nourishing our clients during their firearms training courses. That's why we have made sure to provide a range of food and beverage options to keep them fueled and hydrated throughout the day.

Starting the day off right, we offer a delicious breakfast at the hotel restaurant at 7.00am. Our breakfast menu is designed to cater to a variety of tastes and dietary requirements, with options ranging from a continental breakfast to lighter, healthier options like yogurt and fruit. We want to make sure that our clients start their day with the energy and sustenance they need to make the most of their training.

Later in the day, when our clients are at the shooting range, we provide lunch at 12.30. Our lunch menu is designed to provide a nutritious and satisfying meal that will help keep our clients focused and energized throughout the rest of the day. The lunch is delivered to the shooting range, so our clients can enjoy hot and delicious traditional Polish cuisine without having to leave the training grounds.

To round out the day, we serve dinner at the hotel restaurant at 18.00. Our dinner menu is carefully crafted to provide a delicious and satisfying meal, with options to suit every palate. Whether our clients prefer a hearty meat dish or a lighter vegetarian option, we have something for everyone. After a long day of training, a delicious dinner is a perfect way to relax and unwind.

Throughout the day, we also provide water, hot tea, and coffee for our clients at the shooting range. This ensures that they stay hydrated and energized, even during the most intense training sessions. We want to make sure that our clients have everything they need to make the most of their time with us.


At BZ Academy, we are proud to offer our clients access to the latest and most advanced firearms technology available. Whether you're an experienced shooter or a beginner, we have a range of modern firearms that will suit your needs and level of experience.

One of the most popular firearms that we provide for our clients is the Glock pistol. These reliable and efficient firearms are widely used by Law Enforcement and Military personnel around the world and are an excellent choice for personal defense or target shooting. Glock pistols are known for their ease of use, durability, and accuracy, making them the ideal choice for our clients who want to hone their shooting skills.

Another popular firearm that we provide at BZ Academy is the AK47 and AR15 rifles. These versatile rifles are widely used in Military and Law Enforcement operations and are also popular for target shooting. Both the AK47 and AR15 are known for their reliability and accuracy and are a great choice for anyone looking to improve their marksmanship.

At BZ Academy, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our clients at all times. That's why we provide all the necessary safety equipment, including ear and eye protection, to ensure that our clients can train with confidence. We also provide pistol holsters, magazine pouches, knee and elbow protection, and any other equipment that our clients may need to make the most of their training experience.

WHAT CLOTHS should I wear?

At BZ Academy, we understand that choosing the right clothing for your firearms training can make all the difference. Our outdoor shooting range can be subject to varying weather conditions, so it's important to dress appropriately to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

For the warmer months, light, breathable clothing is recommended. This could include lightweight tactical or cargo pants, a t-shirt, and a hat to protect you from the sun. Make sure to wear outdoor shoes (trekking ones are a good example, but you may also choose Military boots or boots dedicated to tactical training )  with good grip, as this will provide you with the stability you need when shooting. 

During the cooler months, it's important to dress in layers to keep warm. A long-sleeved shirt, sweater, and jacket, along with tactical or cargo pants, will help to keep you warm and dry. A hat, tactical gloves, and a scarf can also be useful to protect your head, hands, and neck from the cold.

In all seasons, it's important to avoid wearing loose or baggy clothing that could get caught on equipment or obstruct your movements. Shoes with a closed toe are also required for safety reasons. Additionally, it is recommended to wear a 40mm wide belt to secure any holsters or pouches that you may need.

Tactical belts, Tactical Gloves, and Tactical or Cargo Pants are widely available from outdoor/Military/survival online shops. You do not need to buy expensive clothing for the start and cheap options from eBay may also be very good to start with. 

Please make sure you always check the weather conditions in Luban, POLAND to make sure you are aware of what weather conditions to expect. 

Feedback and Certification


The last day. Feedback. Certification. Airport Drop Off

The last day of a firearms course at BZ Academy is a special and important occasion for our students. On this day, our instructors take the time to summarize the course, provide feedback to each student, and present them with certificates of completion. This day marks the end of a challenging and rewarding experience and is a time to celebrate the progress and achievements of our students.

At the end of the day, our instructors will provide a brief summary of the course, highlighting the key points and concepts covered over the past few days. This will give students an opportunity to reflect on what they have learned and to ask any remaining questions they may have.

Next, our instructors will provide individual feedback to each student, discussing their strengths and areas for improvement. This feedback is designed to help students build on their skills and to provide them with a roadmap for future training and development.

Finally, each student will be presented with a certificate of completion, which recognizes their achievements and hard work during the course. These certificates are a tangible record of their progress and can be used to demonstrate their expertise to others in the future.

At the end of the day, our students will be driven back to Wroclaw Airport in time for their scheduled flights. This ensures that they arrive back home safely and with plenty of time to catch their flights.

Any questions?

If you have any more questions please use the contact form from the top website MENU, or contact us via email:

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