Firearms License Laws in Poland

Firearms Permit in Poland


What Firearms we can legally own in Poland and how to get a license?

You have probably have heard that firearms law in Poland is much better than in the uk. This is true, and I’d like to say that firearms law in Poland is one of the best in all European Union when it comes to possession, carrying and using firearms for training. 



First of all, there is no restrictions on full bore semi-auto pistols and rifles, no restrictions on magazine capacities and once you get your firearms license you can get anything you want within your calibre limits stated on your firearms license. This is why people from all over Europe, especially from Western Europe come to Poland or the Czech Republic for Firearms Training. Firearms license in Poland you get for life too and you don't have to re-new it. 


Remember Poland is ONLY 2 hours flight away from the uk and getting there by cheap airlines as Wizzair or Ryanair has never made things easier for those from the uk who wants to learn how to shoot proper calibre semi-auto pistols and rifles.

Let’s start with what you can have in Poland and then we’ll talk about it how you can get it and go through the process of applying for the firearms license in Poland. I'll write another article about what kind of training you can get in Poland and here you may be shocked! Stay tuned!

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Who can apply for a firearm license in Poland?

Anyone who:

  • Is over 21 years old

  • It's not convicted for any crimes

  • Does not have any mental health issues

  • Is not addicted to alcohol and drugs

  • Has a permanent address in Poland

On top of that, you need to be a Polish Citizen and have a PESEL number. 


If you are a firearms license holder in Poland here is what you can get:

  • .      Semi-Automatic Pistols with calibre up to 12mm (just below .50BMG) without limitation on magazine capacity

  • .       Semi-Automatic Rifles with a calibre (just below .50BMG) without limitation on magazine capacity

  • .       Semi-Automatic/Pump Action Shotguns without limitation on magazine capacity.

  • .       Hunting Rifles on Hunting Firearms License without limitation on calibre (Yes! .50BMG and 20mm too)

  • .       Full Auto Rifles and SMG’s if you run a training company for security services.


There are NO RESTRICTIONS on magazines capacities, barrel length (Yes we can have 7.5inch AR15! With foldable buttstock), foldable buttstocks and other bullshit that the EU tries to implement in every member country. All firearms you can legally have in Poland can have a Military look with extra tactical equipment – there are also no restrictions on that.

The only thing that people who created the firearms law in Poland did not think of is suppressors. You can get a suppressor in Poland without any license, and everybody can buy it. There are no restrictions on selling and possessing it, but if you mount it on the firearm, then your firearm becomes extremely dangerous, according to Polish Firearms Law and this is illegal.

Ok, I can forgive this little inconvenience. When nobody sees suppressors are attached to shooters rifles and shooting fiesta in Poland goes on.


How to get a FIREARMS LICENSE in Poland?

There are a few ways depending on which route you would like to take.


1.       Sporting License – this one is the most common one, and the majority of Polish shooters go this way.

Here is what you need to do:

a)       Join the Shooting Club or Shooting Association

b)      Spend 3 probationary months in the club/association. Get trained and know how to use firearms.

c)       After 3 months you can become a full member and then you can do an exam for Shooting PATENT. (theory and practical)

d)      Apply for a SPORTING LICENSE in your shooting club.

e)      Take part in Shooting Competition 2-3 times or more if you want.

f)        Do your Medical Check (psychiatric/psychological test/eyes checking etc) I’ve spent 6 hours running from room to room and got it the same day😊

g)       Once we got all the above we can apply for a sporting firearms license in Poland in County Police Station. The process usually takes 30 days if there are no issues plus time spent in your shooting club. At this time you’ll have a visit from your local Police Station to check you and have a chat. Police will also visit your neighbours to ask an opinion about you. Once they give a positive report on you, you are good to go.

Once you pass the process, you can receive a firearms license for usually 4-6 firearms which are necessary for your competitions. Usually I’ts: Semi-Auto Pistol, Semi-Auto Rifle, 22lr Pistol/Rifle / Shotgun.

Under Sporting Firearms License you can conceal carry your firearms in public places without any additional licenses. You can’t carry in Public Transport though. (bus, train)


2.       Firearms Collector License – this license is chosen by many shooters as you can apply for a large number of firearms at once.

Here is what you need to do:

a)       Join the Firearms Collector Association -  you can do it online too.

b)      You have to pass a written and practical exam run by the County Police Department. This one is hard and you have to prepare yourself for it. You need to know all the firearms legislation which are in place in Poland as well as a law about the use of force. There are ten questions on the test, and you have to answer all ten positively to go to stage two which is a practical test on the shooting range. You need to now specific firearms, how to disassemble them and assemble, name the parts etc. Show that you can load and unload. In the end, there is a shooting test based on score.

c)       You have to do your medical check. The same as for Sporting Firearms License. (look above)

d)      Once we got all the above, we can apply for a sporting firearms license in Poland. The process is the same as above. Local Police will do the checks on you, and if they give a positive opinion you should be good to go.


Once you pass the process you can apply for even 25-30 firearms units, but recommended is 10 to stats with for a smooth process. You can apply for various firearms types, but you have to include them in the practical test with your County Police. (for example full bore up to 12mm, .22lr, shotgun, semi-auto rifles, semi-auto pistol) You can’t conceal carry firearms on Collectors Firearms License in Poland – only if you have written permission from a chief constable from a county police station.


3.       Training Firearms License – here is an option if you are planning or running a Firearms Training Company. This is the route I choose for various reasons.

Here is what you need to do:


a)       Open and register a firearms training company in Poland. Takes you to fill out the form and you have to bring it to your local office for verification. I know that you can do it with your bank online too.

b)      Complete recognised by Polish Authority firearms instructor course.

c)       Complete a course to receive Range Safety Officer(RSO) qualifications.

d)      Written and Practical exam at run by County Police Department. Description above.

e)      You have to do your medical check. The same as for Sporting and Collectors Firearms License. (look above)

f)        Once we got all the above, we can apply for Training Firearms License in Poland. The process is the same as above. Local Police will do the checks on you, and if they give a positive opinion, you should be good to go.


Once you pass the process, you’ll be able to apply for a reasonable number of firearms. I applied for 25 and got this number granted. Once you got run out of empty slots you can always apply for an extension. You can conceal carry Training Firearms in Public Places (excluding public transport such as buses and trains).


4.       Firearms for Self Defence License – to get this one you have to prove that your life/property or health is in danger. For example, have reported previously to the Police incidents that your life was in danger etc. Somebody is threatening you or you run a high-risk business such as currency exchange and you deal with cash transport yourself.

Here is what you need to do:


a)       Written and Practical exam at run by County Police Department. Description above.

b)      You have to do your medical check. The same as for Sporting and Collectors Firearms License. (look above)

c)       Write to the Chief Constable of County Police and explain why you need a firearms license for self-protection or protection of your property. You need to have a very good reason.


It’s very difficult to obtain this type of license in Poland, and you need to have a really good reason to possess firearms for self-defence. Interesting is that you can apply for a sporting or training license and on the same basis you can carry and use your firearms for self-defence. Once the license is granted you usually get a semi-auto pistol or revolver.



1.       Hunting Firearms License – if you are a hunter this is a very good option for you to receive a firearms license for hunting.


Here is what you need to do:

a)       You need to become a member of a Hunting Association

b)      You need to spend 12 months in Hunting Association as an active member and take part in training, animals feeding, building hunting stages, helping in organised hunts etc.

c)       You have to pass the tests in your hunting association.

d)      You can apply for a hunting firearms license at County Police Station.


Once you receive your hunting firearms license you can get the hunting rifle you applied for and enjoy hunting within the hunting association you belong to. With this license, there are no restrictions on calibres, and it can be a semi-auto rifle. You can’t own pistols under your hunting license.


As you can see there are many opportunities in Poland to own and carry a firearm as a law-abiding citizen. Poland is even less restricted than some states in the USA such as California or even Massachusetts where there is a limitation on the magazine capacities. Of course, getting a firearms license in Poland takes time (usually about 6 months), but I think it’s ok as only those who really want and come through various background checks and medical checks can legally own it.


Welcome to the “Texas” of Europe and I hope to see you guys on our shooting courses in Poland as we have a lot to offer. Check our Tactical Firearms and close protection courses.


Bartosz Zukowski

BZ Academy Training Coordinator

Please leave a comment below and let us know how difficult or easy is to get a firearms license in your country and what type of weapons you can own.