Krav Maga Urban Extreme - CQB Pistol

Krav Maga Urban Extreme CQB Pistol Course


Krav Maga Urban Extreme CQB Pistol - 3 Days Course.

NO PREVIOUS KRAV MAGA OR PISTOL EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED. The course is designed to develop an understanding of firearms disarm techniques, weapon retention, and using the Pistol in a CQB environment. Students will use FX designated Glocks and learn the fundamentals of shooting with real live ammo. Participants will learn how to disarm the attacker and how to bring the gun in operational condition to use as a future self-defense tool. You'll have a chance to test yourself in real-life scenarios with adequate use of force according to your local Law. The course is great for civilians, self-defense practitioners, and armed professionals. 

3 Days - 30 Hours. PRICE £600 / 700 Euro

SKILL PERQUISITES: None. Open Course - no experience needed. 


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This Course is run by SIG SAUER Academy (USA) Certified instructor and Krav Maga Experts.

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Topics to be covered in Krav Maga Urban Extreme CQB PISTOL

Krav Maga gun disarms basics

Theory about gun disarms and firearms mechanism.

Pressure drills with gun disarm

Disarming assailant with FX Glock (attacker tries to shoot when seeing movement)

Working under stress and tiredness with FX Glock disarm techniques.

Introduction to the operating of a pistol in buildings

One man room clearing techniques in a home defense context

One man room entry

Use of pistol compressed positions in confined spaces 

CQB Drills

Pistol fundamentals dry drills

Shooting fundamentals (grip/stance/trigger work/breathing/sight picture/sight alignment/ follow-through)

Dealing with malfunctions (stow pipe/failure to feed-out of battery/misfire/double feed/mag out)

Multiple targets/Multiple shots - weapon handling when shooting under stress

Double-tap and reset work.

Battle pick up and dealing with malfunction.

Shooting after fights and defending opponents.

Shooting when tired under stressful conditions.

Weapon retention drills

Scenarios with gun disarm and use of force

Simulations in an urban environment with FX Simunition.

Dealing with multiple attackers (armed and unarmed)

Advanced drills and scenarios with gun disarm in a Close Quarter environment

De-Briefing and certification. 





Krav Maga Urban Extreme CQB Pistol Course Info  :

WEAPONS: Glock 17/19 Glock FX. 

METHODS: Extensive range time and self-defense training

AMMUNITION: 200 x 9mm + 50 x 9mm FX (depends on group skills and progress)

SKILL PREREQUISITES: NONE - The course is open for beginners.

Location: POLAND 

Training gear to be taken :

 Combat trousers with tactical belt 

        MMA Gloves 

        Groin Guard 

          Gloves (tactical)

We supply :

All the training equipment / holsters / mag pouches /firearms / ammo

This Course is run by SIG SAUER Academy (USA) Certified instructor and Krav Maga Experts.