Rifle Fundamentals

Rifle Fundamentals Course

 Key aspects of the course include:

1. **Safety Mastery:** Learn and internalize the core principles of firearm safety, fostering a safety-conscious mindset essential for responsible rifle operation.

2. **Marksmanship Essentials:** Acquire a solid foundation in marksmanship, including proper AR15 rifle handling, shooting stance, and the use of RED DOT Sights to enhance your accuracy and consistency.

3. **Rifle Operation:** Dive into the mechanics and components of an AR15 rifle, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its operation and maintenance for confident and efficient handling.

4. **Live Fire Sessions:** Apply your theoretical knowledge in practical, live-fire sessions under the watchful guidance of experienced instructors, allowing you to practice and refine your skills on the range.

5. **Progressive Drills:** Engage in a series of progressively challenging shooting drills designed to build upon your skills and boost your confidence in using rifles effectively.

Whether you're a recreational shooter or considering rifles for personal defense or sport, the Rifle Fundamentals Course provides a supportive and encouraging environment for your learning journey. Our instructors are dedicated to fostering a positive educational experience, ensuring that you leave the course with a strong foundation and the enthusiasm to continue advancing your rifle skills.

No prior experience is necessary, making this course an ideal starting point for those eager to explore the world of rifle shooting. Join us at BZ Academy and take the first step toward mastering the fundamentals of rifle operation in a safe and educational setting.


  •  Briefing about the course and introduction

  •  We'll teach you how modern AR15 semi-automatic rifle works and how to operate them.

  •  You'll learn how to handle rifles and what each button, a switch is for.

  • We'll teach you the proper workspace and weapon manual during dry training.

  • You'll learn safety rules when handling firearms. muzzle discipline and trigger finger management

  • We'll teach you how to take a proper, stable shooting position to minimize recoil and shoot accurately.

  • We'll explain all the fundamentals of marksmanship, so you know how to align your sights, perform smooth trigger presses, control your breathing and follow through.

  • You'll be performing double taps and multiple shots from various shooting positions previously learned.

  • We'll discuss and explain low-ready and high-ready positions with the rifles.

  • We'll cover  Bolt Lock (Emergency) Magazine changes with detailed descriptions and variations.

  • You will perform Failure Drill (Mozambique)

  • In the end, we'll put everything in a summary drill where you'll have to perform under a bit of stress.

  •  De-briefing and certification.


Event Properties

Event Date 14-07-2024 9:00 am
Event End Date 14-07-2024 4:00 pm
Cut off date 13-07-2024
Available place 8
Individual Price £350 / €400 ALL INC
Categories Firearms Courses, Beginners

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