Instructor and Firearms Courses on Demand

BZ Academy Courses on Request
BZ Academy Courses on Request

 BZ Academy International can arrange a designated firearms training, self-defence workshop or instructor qualification training at your location for your clients. Order easy to learn and reality-based training with us.


BZ Academy International can arrange a designated firearms training, self-defence workshop or instructor qualification training at your location for your clients. We have a variety of reality-based structured courses, workshops and instructor courses that we can offer to you and your clients. BZ Academy International certify all courses, workshops and instructor training and provide after-service support. We have in our offer courses for civilians, security personnel, law enforcement agencies and military.




We provide the following Certified Instructor Qualifications:

  • 5 Days Semi-Auto Pistol Instructor Course

  • 5 Days Rifle Instructor Course

  • 5 Days Civilian Krav Maga Instructor Course

  • 5 Days Hand to Hand Combat Instructor Course

  • 2 Days Weapon Defence Instructor Course for LE, Military and Special Forces.

All of the instructor courses can be modified to the client needs. For example: If we are running an Instructor course for Law Enforcement Agency we’ll take into the account agency SOP’s, standard issued equipment and local laws. Techniques and tactics will also be modified according to the client’s job specifications.

For instructor courses, we can accept a group of 8 – 14 candidates per instructor course. If you require a larger group to be trained please contact us.

Training can be conducted internationally at your training centre in your country or at our tactical facility in Europe. Please contact us for more details. 


Firearms Courses on Demand

We can conduct specifically designed firearms courses for you and your clients. Our firearms courses will be designed on an individual basis depends on who we work with (CIV/LE/SEC/CPO/MIL/SF).

  • 2 Days Tactical Handgun Course

  • 2 Days Tactical Rifle Course

  • 3 Days Combined Firearms Course (Pistol/AR15/AK)

  • 3 Days Combined Firearms Course Advanced (Pistol/Rifle)

  • 3 Days Firearms Tactics for Close Protection Officers

  • 3 Days Krav Maga Urban Extreme CQB PISTOL

  • 3 Days Krav Maga Urban Extreme CQB RIFLE – Active Shooter Respond.

  • 3 Days Home Defence Course

  • 3 Days Concealed Cary Course

  • 3 Days TCCC Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course

If you would like to enquire about the course, you have not found on our website, please contact us and we’ll arrange it for you. We also offer CQB/Sniper/CloseProtection and Combat Trauma Management (CTM) courses. Please ask for more details.


One day workshops.

We provide defensive tactics one-day workshops for civilians, police, security services, military units and special forces. Workshops can take place at your location in your country, and it can be combined with the instructor or firearms course. Workshop time is usually 6 hours divided into two 3 Hour modules with a lunch break. Our workshops do not require live-fire exercises, therefore can be conducted at any location including dojo/sports hall/outdoor.

  • Self Defence Workshop for Civilians

  • Dynamic Knife Defences Workshop

  • Tactical Flashlight Workshop

  • Defensive Tactics Against an Armed Attacker

  • H2H Combat Fighting Workshop

  • Weapon Retention Workshop


Please contact us if you would like us to conduct one of BZ Academy International courses at your location. We offer close cooperation, update training and after-service support. Our teaching methods, techniques and tactics are easy to learn, based on natural body reactions and biomechanics, extremely effective and proven to work under real life-threatening situations. Our goal is to save lives and provide the best quality training to our clients based on our long term experience in the firearms and self-defence training industry.